Monkeys and Meals Oh My!

Poor Barney…

I am a self-confessed history lover, so how I found myself in an Accounting Coordinator position, I have no idea, but that’s another story.  Calgary is still considered a “new “city, but delve deep into its history you will find yourself immersed with tantalizing tales of the bi-gone era.  As you will discover, when I’m not out scouring the streets for interesting places to photograph, or documenting my travels, you will find me conducting research; not in a laboratory sense of the term, but researching the unusual history of Calgary and other towns, or cities that have caught my interest for various reasons.  Postings to follow, I can guarantee.

However, today I’m in my cozy home, and yes, I’m researching yet again.  I’ve stumbled across the most interesting tidbit about Calgary and an old Fire Station – Number 3 to be exact – to be even more precise, the fire station, which for years now has been a local pub, is located in the community of Inglewood – one of my favourite neighbourhoods for deep-rooted history.  Oh, another thing that you will learn about me is: the quirkier the history, the more I love it; the more tantalizing the tale, the more I will eat it up.  This “tale” combines both in the strangest form.

Ah yes, the Dalmatian, full of energy and stamina, yet adoring and loyal, the cherished mascot of fire stations across North America.  Well, have you ever thought of a monkey in the same light, especially a “cherished mascot of fire stations”?   Like most of us, probably not!

Barney, which was his name, was a rather tumultuous little pet monkey who lived in Fire Station #3.   Often taunted and teased, his unfortunate demise came after attacking a little boy who happened to walking by the fire station.  The little boy wandered up to Barney with the intention of giving him a treat; however, Barney was not thankful.   The poor boy received serious cuts in return of his thoughtfulness.   After this incident, poor Barney was put down and his cremated remains were buried in front of the Fire Station.   But, the story doesn’t stop there…. It is now believed that this very location is haunted by Barney, to the point where he bothers the locals while they dine and chefs while they cook.  Pesky little guy, I guess his attitude lives on.   For more information, please visit the following link.: The Hose and Hound Neighbourhood Pub

Map Link:  The Horse and Hound

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  1. Love the Hose and Hound! And Inglewood in general, lots of character

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