Shake, Rattle, and Roll….

Let’s dance…

Who knew so many people would line the streets to watch outhouses convening down the street in Cochrane, Alberta!  But we did and we laughed!  Cow bells ringing, balloons popping, and kids cheering on their favourites, in addition to all the candy falling from the sky!   I must admit, this was the first time my friend(s) and I ventured to Cochrane for the sole purpose of watching racing outhouses, but by the end of it, we were sizing up the outhouses, comparing what wheels/castors worked and didn’t work, sizing up the various designs and costumes, and trying to think what our entry name would be for next year’s competition. Yup, we were hooked.   Actually, I did a Google search and was surprised at how many towns have this…..we’re not alone.  Sponsored by Heavenly Outhouse in Cochrane, follow their site for a registration form….perhaps we will be racing against you next year!

Map Link:   Cochrane, Alberta


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