Being Canadian…

Seriously??  After feeding the turnstile with yet another Euro, I was expecting a “washroom”, not numerous stalls placed over a steel grate floor, so washroom-goers can see EVERYONES contents swirl below their feet as the water rushed into one main drainage area underneath the nearby sinks and non-existent hand soap dispensers!   So much for privacy.  As I returned to find my hubby chatting it up in Italian with our new traveling friends,  I decided to wonder into an overcrowded rest stop (it seems all regional buses stop here at the same time) to find something to snack on.  Tough decision, Pasta, Pizza, or Panini’s – the classic P’s….  Not being of Italian heritage, nor able to converse in Italian with any confidence whatsoever, I quickly yell out, “Panini!”, proud of myself that I am able to pass this hurdle on my own….until deli man hurdles a response back to me.  Sighing and shrugging my shoulders I once again realize that I have to point – again – something I have learned to do on this whole trip, but with a buoyant smile!  So, with my deflated confidence and Panini’s in tow, I make my way back outside to see my hubby – still conversing.   I find a gap in their conversation and I quickly jump in, “Was your washroom strange in any particular way?”  A gentleman who was standing near us suddenly interjects …. “You’re Canadian aren’t you?”   I think to myself, “impressive” – because the words, please, thank-you, or even “eh”  weren’t used in my question, yet he was perceptive enough to pick up on the fact that I was Canadian.  I am sure you have already figured out that we have been traveling by a regional bus in Italy; to be more exact we are half way between Rome and Cosenza.   As we reach the more rural areas, tourists are becoming more and more “extinct”; yet, this gentleman knows that I am Canadian.   I quickly responded with a, “yes” and off he goes.  Puzzled, I suddenly think that I am part of some strange Italian game – “Name that Tourist”, but hard to say.  Either way, I returned to the bus and stare out the window – how did he know I was Canadian?

Wherever in the world Canadians travel, we find ourselves distinctive to all places abroad; I do say that in a positive light.  We are uniquely Canadian and we are proud of it.

This blog is about a small town Canadian girl who has traveled the globe.  After having the privilege of  traveling to numerous places around the world I have decided to focus on North America, where my true passion lies; where the history is intoxicating, the people are extraordinary, and the stories are plentiful. When I find myself at home in Calgary, Alberta, I am continuously researching the most interesting, unique places in and around our fabulous city, or planning the next grand Road Trip through the USA.  Seeing every stretch of highway, meeting the locals, and taking photographs to capture the journey fulfills me, please join me as my new journeys unfold.

I highly encourage you to share your stories to help other people, in addition to myself find even more interesting locations, eateries, and accommodations – no matter how unique they are.

I thank you for taking the time to share your travel journey; I hope you enjoy the site and the information I have researched and recorded.

Happy Travels,


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! This is a really great story…I have come across many the ‘pissoir’ in my travels, as well as the ‘You’re Canadian, aren’t you?’ asked of my husband…well, ok, me too…’eh’ just seems to sum it all up!

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