Hello Calgary and fellow Bloggers!


Shyness?  What shyness? I can write a blog….and share my stories with the public….sure, I can… starting today.

So here it is….I love to travel – I’ve always have.  I especially love Road Trips, I love researching, driving, documenting my travels both in written and photographic formats, and sharing these findings with people I know.  However, many of us can’t be on continuous road trips….  I’ve come to terms with this unfortunate realization and I’ve decided to do the next best thing.  I’ve decided to “research, drive around my home town, documenting my travels in both written and photographic formats, and sharing these findings” with my new traveling companions.  That said, I still love my road trips and they will always be posted – hence the name!

I love the whimsical side of Calgary and surrounding countryside.  Calgary has it all and I could drive around all day just capturing everything it has to offer.  That’s what I love about it.  The old and the new standing side by side.

Whenever you want to learn something new about Calgary, please drop by and check out my posts, perhaps you will learn new or perhaps you would like to post something about Calgary and everything it has to offer – or, recent road trips you have been on….

Talk soon,



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  1. Thrilled to share your journey….

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