Getting lost with the honeybees in Central Alberta…

Actually I found this very interesting; I did a random goggle search on “Sunflower mazes”, I did not specify a town or place and the first site to pop up –“Bowden Sunmaze”, right here in Alberta.  After various searches, sunflower mazes are not as plentiful as I would have thought; personally, I thought North America would be full of them, but that’s okay – at least we have one in our own backyard.

Located on a lonely dirt road, approximately one hour north of Calgary, the sunflower maze makes for a great day trip, not only from Calgary, but from many other towns that dot our landscape.

The sunflower maze is the creation of Eagle Creek Farms their “goal in 2014 is to have Canada’s only Certified Organic U-pick Flower, Vegetable, Strawberry Patch & Sunflower + Corn Maze all in one farm. The road to reach this goal has not been easy, but we believe it is important to ensure a sustainable farm for future years to come” – website.   How fantastic is that!  As I walked through the “sunmaze” honeybees buzzed all around, making sure no nectar was left untouched; their only goal was to make that day’s quota.

As I left the maze, I decided to make my way to the petting farm and then off to the u-pick veggie and flower gardens that are located nearby.  After digging up some fresh potatoes my adventure had come to an end for that day, but that is okay, the fall harvest has just begun.

Link:  Bowden Sunmaze

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  1. That’s a nice set of pictures you shared with us, thanks! 🙂

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