When Kansas City meets Calgary…

When I think of grilling, smoking, and barbeques, my thoughts always turn to our friends south of the border; however, all that changed today when my son and I decided to attend the 21st Annual BBQ on the Bow, Canada’s Oldest BBQ Competition and Alberta Championship for Kansas City southern style BBQ.  This was our chance to smell the heavenly aromas and taste delicious pork, beef, and chicken in all its smokin’ glory.

The true history of the barbeque varies with each article that I read; the most consistent research states that it originated in the Caribbean, please feel free to interject any additional information you may have, and over the decades the southern states have perfected it. That said, we Canadians aren’t doing too shabby ourselves, heck that was proven when the Kansas City Barbeque Society decided to make the long trek up to Calgary to host a KCBS Certified Judging Class, see they love our Alberta Beef just as much as we do.

Vying for the top prize money plus being able to attend the American Royal World Series of Barbecue in Kansas City, Missouri and the prestigious Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational in Lynchburg, Tennessee, is all on the line for these monarchs of the barbequing world.

I should have bunkered down in one of their tents, I could have learned a thing or two, because personally my family is getting tired of my carcinogens that I call barbequed meat.

Links:     BBQ on the Bow     Kansas City Barbeque Society

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  1. Will you be following the winner to KCMO? That will put you in my neck of the woods!

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