Road trips are not just a North American phenomenon…

enjoying the Mediterranean coastline...

enjoying the Mediterranean coastline…

Whenever I start planning a Road Trip I always think about North America first; but is that fair?  Perhaps, I am a little biased; after all, I did grow up here.   However, I always forget that I have done my fair share of road tripping in Europe as well; the most recent was last summer when my son and I traveled to Amsterdam and skipped over to Germany to visit family.  After spending a fun-filled week on my family’s farm located in northern Germany, I was getting the road tripping itch, so the two of us spent our final week travelling around northern Germany in a little black rental car.

Prior to that, in 2008, I found myself touring around southern Italy.  While we didn’t road trip in the “conventional sense” – regional bus lines and trains were our best friends – we were able to see the country as if we had rented a car.

This evening I came across this photo, taken along the Mediterranean coastline in Paola, Italy.   The day was excruciatingly hot, hence the lack of beachcombers.


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