How a little piece of Roman Mythology made its way to Alberta…

USS Enterprise, Vulcan, Alberta

The USS Enterprise, Vulcan, Alberta

Alberta is known for its numerous roadside attractions, the world’s largest perogy, the world’s first UFO landing pad, the world’s largest dinosaur, the world’s largest pysanka, etc., etc., and as Albertans, we are proud of our inimitable fascinations, besides, where else could you find the world’s largest USS Enterprise replica?  If you guessed Vulcan, Alberta, you guessed correctly, and for the past 21 years thousands of fans from across North America and beyond have flocked to the annual “Spock Days” in June to pay homage to the Star Trek series.  While recent history has allowed Vulcan to “live long and prosper”; it was the true grit and the early farming life that truly embraced this philosophy.

In 1910 a CPR surveyor, who had a fondness for Roman Mythology, decided to name the town Vulcan after the God of Fire; and keeping with the theme, he also decided to name various streets after other roman mythological names; however, this would be short-lived.  Although the town was incorporated at the beginning of the century, it wasn`t until the mid-1900`s that it truly put itself on the map.  For fifty years, Vulcan boasted the largest grain storage capacity in Canada from 1920 until a fire in 1971.  Due to this massive volume nine grain elevators were built and would later be known as the “9 in a line”, which created a beautiful backdrop to the town’s skyline.  Today, the Vulcan County exports to more than seventy countries worldwide and prides itself on the small town quality of life.

Vulcan Tornado 1927

Vulcan Tornado 1927

Grain elevators in Vulcan, Alberta

Grain elevators in Vulcan, Alberta

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  1. I have always wanted to visit for Spock Day 🙂

  2. Spock Day… Oh, my, I have a friend who sill love this.

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