Embracing the year-round driver’s license in Western Canada…

Driving along an Alberta dirt road...

Driving along an Alberta dirt road…

I live near the Canadian Rockies, but during the winter season, I do not wear skis, I do not wear snowshoes, or glide around on skates, so, does this make me an oddity; I’ve concluded that the answer is yes.  My question is, what other activities are available to “oddities” like myself, because the last time I checked, my driver’s license is valid year-round, not just during the summer months.

The “Spring Season” is not exactly prevalent in our neck of the woods; however, I look at it this way, I’ve seen the robin and if the robin is content to come back and enjoy our shoulder season, why can’t we?   After being cooped up for numerous months, I am anxious to hit the road, do some exploring, check out places I’ve never visited before, enjoy our beautiful country…however, the more research I complete, the more I am learning that many roadside attractions dotted across the Canadian Prairies are not open until the May long-weekend and many close in early September.  So, I did some quick math…technically, with some rounding up and down, Western Canadian Road Trippers have approximately three months which equates to approximately fourteen weekends to drive around like maniacs to visit as many sites as possible.  Now, if you have children, you can probably subtract an additional two to three weekends from this total due to summer camps, birthday parties, and the like.  So, we are now down to eleven or twelve weekends to achieve our goals and considering there are only fifty-two weekends in the year, the odds are not necessarily in our favour.   But, I’m out to prove the masses wrong, I’m out to prove that yes, there are plenty of places we can visit between now and the May long-weekend.

Travel with me this coming weekend as I drive around the province or provinces to find places that embrace motorists with year-round driver licenses.

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  1. Gorgeous photo! I’m hoping that Canada is one of my next international trips – it’s about time I visit our neighbors to the North.

  2. What a beautiful landscape. I love the backroads too. I’m looking forward to your adventures.

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