From Fairy Tales to Pig Roasts and lots of other “stuff”…Calgary’s Scene…

Yesterday, I picked up my copy of “City Palate – The Flavour of Calgary’s Food Scene”.  It’s a great compilation of articles – obviously relating to our food scene here in the city.  It is published every couple of months and each edition averages around 70 pages – or so.  This current edition is fittingly called the “The entertaining issue” and covers the months of November and December.   As I was flipping through the pages an advertisement caught my eye…because it was humorous, it got stuck in my head.   Then an idea hit me!  Why not share these findings with my traveling friends?  By now you have seen pictures of Calgary, read a few articles, etc, etc,….but what really makes us locals tick?  This morning I proceeded to cut out a few other advertisements from the City Palate, in addition to a few other publications that caught my eye.   As the weeks progress, I will continue to enlighten everyone with various other “advertisements” or “articles” that may be of interest….  So sit back and enjoy some viewing….

Featured exhibit at the Glenbow Museum…

Big event held every year…

Theatre District…

The one that caught my eye….

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  1. These are so cool! Thanks for sharing

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