In from the cold – Calgary’s year-round Indoor Farmers Markets

Today’s weather was still on the chilly side, but much better than a week ago; however,  I decided to stay warm and visited three of our year-round indoor farmers markets, which are only opened from Thursday to Sunday.

Kingsland Farmers Market

Kingsland Farmers Market

Kingsland Farmers Market

The first market on my list was the Kingsland Farmers Market, which has occupied an old empty car dealership since 2010.  Kingsland is located near the intersection of MacLeod Trail and Heritage Drive in South West Calgary.   Probably the smallest of the three and definitely the newest to join the latest craze of farmer markets sweeping Calgary; however, Kingsland popularity is growing; with 56 vendors occupying the inside of the building and an additional 7 vendors located outside over the summer months.   Of course when you think of a farmers market you think of fresh food and at Kingsland they don’t let you down; the market also hosts a big bright seating area where you can pull up a chair, nibble on your food and just relax.   However, if food is not on your agenda, then you can stroll up and down the aisles in search of crafts and flowers.

Crossroads Farmers Market

Crossroads Farmers Market

Crossroads Farmers Market

The next on my list was the old favourite for many Calgarians – The Crossroads Farmers Market.  This market has been around since 1987 (okay, not even close to the Hay Street Market in Boston….but still) when the original location was on 16th Avenue NE (Trans Canada).    Since then it has moved to a more centralized location near Ogden Road and Blackfoot Trail SE near the community of Inglewood.   The Market is now housed in a 1920’s building with a total of 100,000 square feet easily making this the largest indoor Market in Calgary.  Winner of numerous awards and a major contributor to the community  this Market a must see.

Calgary Farmers Market

Calgary Farmers Market

Calgary Farmers Market

The Calgary Farmers Market was the last Market to visit on my tour today.   Located near Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive SE, this location is also new to the Market.  Originally located on the Currie Barracks just off of Crowchild Trail SW, the Market gathered up all its goodies and moved to its newest location back in April 2011.  It was met with great fanfare and is now a popular hob on the weekends.    Not only does it have numerous vendors to suit everyone, and a playground for the kids, it periodically holds events for the entire family.

Some of the challenges faced in today’s drive…


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