How do you celebrate Halloween?

Some of our decorations before the snow flew….

As I stare out the window my eyes wander over to our Halloween decorations, which are now covered in snow.   I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I do love the snow, I really do…but I like the snow AFTER Halloween, not before!   Calgary, the city of many weather patterns – the classic cliché: if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.  Well, I’ve been waiting and it isn’t changing!   This past week Calgary was hit with an early blast of winter and it could be here to stay – until April or so, but who’s counting.   Today my hubby and I were trying to recall when Halloween was last shrouded in snow here in the city; I do remember a few years back when we didn’t wear jackets at all during our trick or treating adventure…this year, we might be wearing our parkas!   Prior to venturing out this year, we might be digging our skeletons out of the snow – but, I guess that does fit our theme!   Personally, Halloween is my favourite time of the year, the house turns into an old mansion with cobwebs and torn cheesecloth draping the furniture, in addition to my numerous candelabras spread throughout the main floor, skulls and gourds decorate the table in our dining room, which also provides a certain eeriness to our Annual Overnight Halloween party for the kids.   Each year I watch programs that focus on Halloween tours of the US East Coast and I marvel at each display and each house…how do you celebrate Halloween?

From around the neighbourhood…


Basking in the snow….


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  1. I missed this year’s celebration! Sobs

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