Cows really do eat Cheeseburgers!

My son trying to be creative with his throwing technique…

Running from the car, my son quickly came upon two giant barrels painted and decorated like cows.   The first cow was positioned horizontally and had a make-shift utter attached to the bottom of the barrel; a clear indication that you could test your skills in milking.

The other cow was in a sitting position, much like a dog when they are anxious for a treat.  There was an attached mouth that you could open, when the mouth was open, firstly it looked like the cow was smiling for everyone, and secondly, you could see into the barrel.   At this stage, I had no idea what was expected from us; well, until my son ran behind and looked on the ground.  Jammed up the other end of the sitting cow were a bunch of fake cheeseburgers.   A-ha!  The goal was to throw as many cheeseburgers into the cow as possible, kinda morbid don’t you think – a cow eating cheeseburgers?

This crazy challenge was our introduction to the Historic Markerville Creamery Museum, located in Markerville, Alberta, which is in Central Alberta.   A charming little village with lots of history.

Stephansson House – near Markerville, Alberta

This mini Road Trip would take us on an Icelandic and Danish history lesson that would take us down the small dirt roads of Central Alberta.

Other places visited would include:

Markerville Creamery, Markerville, Alberta

Inside the creamery

On the way to Dickson, Alberta

Danish Canadian National Museum & Gardens – Dickson, Alberta

Danish Canadian National Museum & Gardens – Dickson, Alberta

Danish Canadian National Museum & Gardens – Dickson, Alberta


Map Links:  Markerville, Alberta    Dickson, Alberta

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  1. Very nice photos. Thank you for sharing them.

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