Have you always thought to yourself that you need a really expensive, top of the line camera to take quality pictures?  In some respects, I beg to differ.  Firstly, amateurs don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive cameras because they want to experiment with photography before dropping some serious money.  Secondly, camera packages often include some decent software which can help create those dynamic shots you often see; in addition to the latest edition of Microsoft Word.  Yes, you are reading correctly – Microsoft Word offers a “Picture tool” application that can be used when you copy a picture into a document.  Seriously, have some fun with it, you will be surprised and afterwards you can resave the picture as a JPEG image.

All my pictures are taken with a Nikon P510, not some wildly expensive camera; I just use software to help create the look of an expensive camera.  I have had tour companies, even Tourism Montana remark on my pictures, so yes, you can do it too.

Yes, perhaps one day I will purchase that “dream camera”, but until then I’m content to look through the lens of my Nikon.

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