Calgary History…

May 1990

“Hi” the man excitedly stated to my and friend and I…I still remember the location, Stephen Avenue, in front of the Bay, next to the bronze statue of the two men talking.  “The Conversation”, completed in 1981, by William Hodd McElcheran.  How fitting that our first greeting in Calgary would take place in front of this very statue.  What a great introduction to a great city.

As you know from my history, I am a small town girl, and that is no exaggeration.  Compared to Calgary, my home town, which is situated in a farming community in Southern Ontario, has a population of 800 people.   For me, moving to Calgary was a massive change for me, but an exciting one as well.  After my friend and I concluded our road trip that had taken us from Southern Ontario through the Great Plains of America we would approach Calgary from the south in the late evening.  Words cannot describe our shock when we came over the southern ridge to be exposed to all the glimmering lights that lite up Calgary, the entire horizon from east to west was basking in the orange street lights.  Suddenly, I knew we were no longer in Kansas anymore!

We have all felt this type of excitement when seeing a place for the first time, pure exhilaration!   If we are fortunate, we have the ability to move to these places that give us so much joy.    However, over the years that excitement may dwindle to the point where we may start taking our surroundings for granted.   My goal is to rekindle that excitement about Calgary, bring out the old points of the city and make them new once more.  Old Calgary has so many gems waiting to be uncovered and explored and my goal is to find them.   Join me as I travel through old parts of the city, documenting my travels, in addition to learning some unique history in and around the neighbours of Calgary. You might learn some surprising facts as the city unfolds in front of you, or who knows, you might already be part of that history.

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