Sorry, the only room left is a grain bin? Awesome…!

Shack Up Inn, Clarksdale Mississippi

Shack Up Inn, Clarksdale Mississippi

“The Ritz we ain’t…” is the Shack Up Inn’s motto and that is totally cool with me. When I found out that my weeklong accommodation would be in a grain bin surrounded by various shacks in the middle of a cotton field just south of Clarksdale Mississippi I was pumped.

Bottle tree...

Bottle tree…

It’s not often that one gets to spend time in a grain bin, well actually I did when I was a youngster growing up on the farm, but I never envisioned this – it’s like American Pickers on steroids and I loved it!

The entrance...

The entrance…

The Chapel...

The Chapel…

Throughout the year the Shack hosts various workshops, from photo and film documentaries to guitar and harmonica workshops – the chapel is always buzzing with life, especially when it comes to their two buck beer.

Shack Up Inn

Shack Up Inn

If you are making a stop in Clarksdale for the night, make sure to stop here. You can’t beat the atmosphere, the staff, and you definitely cannot beat the ridiculously inexpensive room rates.

The grain bins...

The grain bins…

Shack Up Inn

It’s an experience worth stopping for…

The Shack Up Inn

Clarksdale, Mississippi



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