Afterthought…”yup, I should have brought some crampons”…


Johnston Canyon

Just like the toque is a fashion-must for many die-hard Canadians, so should be crampons.  Without them, you may find yourself slipping and sliding like a car using all-season tires trying to drive up a snowy slope…at least I have winter tires…

Johnston Canyon

Yesterday we decided to end the year in beautiful Banff, during the holidays it is a town like no other, a snow lover’s paradise.  A fairy-tale blanketed in snow… snow full of crampon tracks, well, except for mine, because I thought I would be a rebel.

Johnston Canyon

Today I now sit with a hyper-extended shoulder. Why, because I thought it was more important to save my camera then to save my arm, leg, and ankle. As people rushed to my side to see if I was okay, I raised my camera in victory and told them that my camera wasn’t damaged. With perplexed faces, the crowd moved on. I on the other hand cradled my camera and dusted off the snow.

Johnston Canyon

Located just past the town of Banff is Johnston Canyon, a year-round utopia. Unlike other trails in the area, you will often find yourself suspended on cat-walks overlooking the canyon below. Snowy and slippery during the winter months it is often suggested to wear the proper gear. Big hint, crampons!

Johnston Canyon

The trail can become very busy, especially when ice-walk tours are taking place, so I would recommend arriving early.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Johnston Canyon in the winter; if I manage it this year, I’ll definitely heed your advice! Hope you heal up quickly.

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