How many times does a community have to move, ask Calgary’s Chinatown…

Calgary's Chinatown...

Calgary’s Chinatown…

Chinatown, Calgary, Alberta

Arriving in Calgary after the building of the railway in 1883, the Chinese would work in a variety of trades including, lumber camps, coal miners, laundries, housekeepers, and restaurant owners. While the population remained small during the early years, the community would slowly continue to grow and prosper within this prairie town.

Chinatown, Calgary, Alberta

Chinatown, Calgary, Alberta

Surviving two major city fires and relocating twice, the community would find a new home in their present location, which was established in 1910. Comfortably calling this area, located just north of the downtown core, home for one hundred and three years, it succumbed to Calgary’s worst natural disaster, the 2013 Flood. With a strong community spirit the area residents are starting to rebuild. The vibrant sounds and smell are slowly coming back; the residents have once again shown their resilience and will come back even stronger.


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  1. This must be a festive place to visit, especially during Chinese New Year. 🙂

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