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Al Capone’s first home, away from home.(Road Trip 2010)

Al Capone’s first home, away from home.
(Road Trip 2010)

In May of 1929, Al Capone was arrested on a concealed weapon charge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  His sentence required him to stay in the Eastern State Penitentiary for one year.  During that time he made his surroundings rather comfortable compared to those of other inmates; less than one year later he was released on March 17, 1930.

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  1. Wow. Great back-story, great photo!

  2. wow they actually allowed him to decorate his cell as such ??

  3. Huh! Who knew? Interesting story.

  4. It’s so interesting – is that penitentiary decommissioned now?

  5. In those days criminals could actually get away with things like this….love these little strange things about that time in history!!

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