Shoveling, shoveling, how much more…

My Christmas gift...

My Christmas gift…

Here I sit, staring out the window and looking outside at our most recent snowfall. It is Calgary, and well, we do see snow month after month after month. However, this year is slightly different. Our first snowfall was prior to Halloween, that’ not the unusual part, usually the snow intermittently disappears for a short time (due to our Chinooks) during our long winter season, but this winter, it hasn’t. We are Calgarians and on top of that, we are Canadians, we can handle this – or can we? Personally, I loved trudging through the snow as I headed to work this past week, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about spring and summer – oh, sorry, we have two seasons in Calgary – winter and 2 – 3 months of summer.
Prior to each January, I “usually” have made up my mind about what road trips our family will be participating in for the following year (trust me, I can change my focus as quickly as the wind blows), for example:
2013 – Calgary – Arizona
2014 – Route 66 (actually, this one has been in the planning stages since last summer…)
Etc., etc….
However, this year I am approaching my travels a little differently. As stated in a previous blog, I was given a travel journal for Christmas; recently, I have decided to make a promise to myself and follow through with my friends request to fill it up with travel adventures – the difference, I want to complete the journal in one year. Now, one could do this in varying ways – writing larger is the first one that pops into my head – I’m sure we are all guilty of this during our high school years (prior to completing reports on the computer – kids these days have it really tough) or, completing as many road trips as possible to make it worthy of being a true travel journal. I have decided on the latter, but with a twist. The year 2013 ends with the number 3 – therefore, I will complete 3 road trips – whether long or short.
Guaranteed: Calgary – Arizona (the family would hate me if I changed that now)
Highly possible – completing The Lincoln Highway in Nebraska (first time travelling solo)
Possible – Mini road trip around eastern Montana
You might be asking yourself, why not around Alberta – you live in Calgary. Very true, but I’ve been an explorer since I first moved out west some 20 plus years ago, I’ve already explored the majority of the surrounding area, now I just have write about them! Plus, I rarely return to the same place twice, I always like to see something new and interesting – hence this year’s picks.
So, as I continue to sit and look out at all that snow – actually, currently we have sunny skies, but it’s freezing out there – I will sit here quietly (everyone is currently out of the house except Chester and I) and ponder where to stay, what to see, and everything in between.

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