Cotton Trails and the Delta Blues…

This was taking along the well named "Cowboy Trail" also known as Highway 22 in southern Alberta

This was taking along the well named “Cowboy Trail” also known as Highway 22 in southern Alberta

Has anyone travelled to Mississippi lately? If so, I would greatly appreciate someone to come forth and talk to me about the State of Mississippi and everything it has to offer; I love rich history and I know Mississippi has it!  Why am I asking for advice…well…

Over the Christmas holidays, a friend gave me a beautiful, and fitting, Travel Journal; her wish to me is that I fill the pages with numerous trips and interesting finds. I have the Journal sitting on my library shelf and I swear it talks to me every day…”where shall you take me, when are we going?” I must admit, the older I get the more structured I become and the more structured I become, the more irritated I get. I remember a time when I would drop everything in search for an adventure…oh, you need someone to accompany you to Vancouver Island, sure! When are we leaving! Who cares that it’s 7pm on a Friday night – it’s a long weekend – we can make it to Seattle in 24 hours to catch the Red Sox’s play the Mariners – tickets – we’ll find some – lodging – ha – that’s what rest stops are for! San Francisco, sure we have another long weekend coming up! What -you want to drive the Loneliest Highway in Nevada – where’s the gas station! Hey, you want to move out West – sure, who’s has the moving van! Hey who wants to drive to Florida – me! Where’s the map (before GPS)…

Crossing the Columbian River in Washington State.

Crossing the Columbian River in Washington State.

I’m itching for those days – to be carefree and not worry – as much! Yes, the older we get the more responsibilities are piled onto us….careers, mortgage, children, dogs…and the list goes on; but, do we really want to live like sheep day-in-and-day-out? For some it’s a comfort, to others its plain boring!
You see, that Travel Journal knows this…this inanimate object, in its Ghandi way, is showing me it’s numerous blank pages, showing me the way…

Horse sculptures along our route to Seattle, Washington.

Horse sculptures along our route to Seattle, Washington.

Gees, I am making it sound like I don’ttravel at all – far from the truth – in 2012, I travelled to seven countries, which included a German Summer Road Trip – a record for me and I’m proud of it!  My problem, I’ve noticed that I am becoming more structured, more organized – less “impulsive”…

The famous Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington.

The famous Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington.

We have a family Road Trip planned to Arizona this summer – and what have I been doing? That’s right – planning every detail – granted we have children – but still – I want them to learn how to live impulsively – and frankly, I’m not setting a great example by planning every lunch break – joking of course!

Inside the market.

Inside the market.

I admire people who just get up and go – seizing the moment – paying the consequences later, if there are any…
Traditionally, I’m not one who likes your typical touristy stuff – of course depending on the attraction, it may warrant it. However, I like heading off the beaten path. This is why I have been seriously contemplating Mississippi’s back roads. It’s not “cheap” to fly from Calgary to Jackson, Mississippi, but its “inexpensive” compared to some other places. The history is rich and the culture is divine! Now, the “impulsive” girl would jump on it; however, the “structured” girl is approaching it with more caution. Technically, I would only be spending a maximum of 4 days in eastern Mississippi, then if I take into consideration the money for only 4 days…well, then there is the car rental – I mean really, I would make it into a small road trip you know….so, is it worth it? Just for the adventure – it’s an astounding yes! From a practical standpoint – only 4 days? You see, I like numerous short trips throughout the year – it’s amazing the miles I can put on a car!  Oh, for a change – I would like to venture out as a solo traveller – something I’ve never done before and I respect the people who do. So, if you, or someone has been to Mississippi, I would really appreciate some feedback.

This gentleman was amazing...

This gentleman was amazing…

Now, earlier I mentioned Seattle….here are a few pictures from that Road Trip… 3 days and 1200 kilometers or 703 miles.

And yes, we did get tickets to the Mariners vs. Red Sox's - and yes, the Red Sox's won!

And yes, we did get tickets to the Mariners vs. Red Sox’s – and yes, the Red Sox’s won!

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  1. The Cowboy Trail photo is fabulous!

    • Thank you! Believe it or not, that picture was taken by my son when he was 8 years old. He had my camera dangling outside of the car as we drove down the road! Crazy guy, but I will forgive him because the picture was taken years ago and it looks great!

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