When Plan “A” fails, move to Plan “B”….

The construction site Graffiti…

This year Calgary was named the “Culture Capital of Canada” and numerous events have taken place around our city to promote our artsy culture and raise awareness to our residents and tourists alike.   Not only do we have an active theatre presence in our city, in 2013 we will also break ground for our new National Music Centre “the center will be the first of its kind for Canada and will be part museum, part education and part performance.   The proposal is comprised of a five-storey building that will incorporate the historic King Edward Hotel, a legendary house of blues, and provide 80,000 sq feet of new space for the Cantos Music Foundation’s growing collection.  This project marks the first stage of the redevelopment of Calgary’s East Village and the creation of a new music district in the historic heart of the city.”   As an avid music lover, I cannot wait for this to open; however, until this new building is open to the public, historical artifacts are being housed in the National Music Centre located on 11th Avenue and 1stStreet SE.   A great venue for aspiring musicians, this building – as stated before – houses hundreds of musical artifacts from around the globe, even some on loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame….ah, Cleveland.  A couple times during the week, the NMC opens its doors for tours, namely, Thursday evening and Sunday afternoons.  Today was my day – or at least I wanted it to be.  To continue our tradition, my son and I decided to stop here for the afternoon, I was really excited, I even had my camera in tow, which is allowed, unlike Rock and Roll Hall of Fame….completely understandable.    Admission is a reasonable $10 per person, so off we went.   Well, we experienced a little difficulty.  The doors were locked…insert unhappy face…I tried the buzzer, not once, not twice, but a few times.  Until my son and I shrugged our shoulders and walked away…how disappointing…their website said they would be open today…

Well, as we wondered away with deflated hearts our eyes were drawn to a construction site.   Why, because on the wall surrounding the construction site was some amazing graffiti, I am not a promoter of graffiti, but I must admit, this was very impressive.  Suddenly, I found myself snapping pictures of graffiti that was plaster on a white canvass.  I discovered that sometimes, when plan A fails, there is always something else that will appease me – hence plan B – does it really matter that it was minus 15 outside – I think not.

Current location of the National Music Centre…

An artist’s rendition of the future National Music Centre…very impressive

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