For my photo of the week I decided on a “foreign” object for my submission.
One evening this past summer my son and I were walking the streets of Wismar, Germany, which is a small fishing village, located along the coast of the Baltic Sea. Periodically, a steeple would appear between the rooftops. I announced to my son that we must find the Cathedral that belonged to the grandiose steeple. Within a few minutes we arrived at our destination to noticed people sporadically coming and going from the front entrance. Curiosity got the best of us and we decided to enter. Firstly we were amazed at the interior, which no longer housed any pews, but instead opened up into an empty shell where the walls and columns were at least fifty plus feet tall and embraced by red brick. Secondly, we were pleasantly surprised to find artsy sculptures erratically spread around the interior, in addition to a wine table and host. Skipping the wine, we headed towards the sculptures and other displays which danced in the light. This jackrabbit was the first sculpture that caught my attention, larger than my teenager; it was definitely a show stopper and definitely foreign in this setting.

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