Do your windows come alive like ours…?

When the windows come alive….

I love to window shop – I mean that literally, because actual shopping drives me crazy.  I have a hard time accepting “big-box-stores”, because to me they seem impersonal and lack character.   The idea of me driving across the city just to sit and wait for a parking spot, then stand and wait in a line (probably the slowest) for a cashier, just to drive all the way back home in crazy traffic is not my idea of finding a “great deal”.   This is purely my opinion and my hubby (lover of “big-box-stores”) hears this all the time.  So, when he announces that he has to pick something up, I usually excuse myself from the pending “entertainment” which allows him to wander the aisles freely without me dragging my feet and muttering behind him.  That said, does he typically come home with a “great deal” – of course he does and our bank account thanks him.

Taking a snowy stroll……

My source of “shopping” is wandering along the streets in the communities of Kensington, Ingelwood, Bridgeland, and the like, to find interesting quaint shops, which I like to refer to as my “candy shops of delight”.  Don’t get me wrong, my hubby enjoys these too, especially when we are traveling around North America – I must admit the entire city of Boston is my “candy shop”!  Anyway, let’s fly back to Calgary.  As stated earlier I “window-shop”; however, if there is something in the window that catches my attention, nothing will stop me from entering the store.  Side note, when my son and I were walking the streets of Old Town Lubeck, Germany this past summer – there was an entire store dedicated to puppets!  All types of puppets it was amazing, even better, it was attached to a Puppet Museum – which of course we visited.

Recordland….a must see….

Sorry, once again we must fly back to Calgary and make a detour to 9th Avenue SE, the very heart of Inglewood.Under my “Calgary History” tab you will see the drop down menu to the Dirty Laundry section, from there your find some brief history on the community of Inglewood.  Calgary has done an incredible job revitalizing this neighbourhood, which is full of eclectic shops such as “Recordland” and eateries, which includes a classic blues bar and Kanes, the Harley Davidson Diner.

9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta

In my opinion, this is “window shopping” at its finest.   Especially at night when the shop fronts come alive trying to entice on last on-looker to step inside.  This evening I decided to drive to Inglewoodendure the cold temperatures and falling snow (yes, it’s still snowing) just to snap some pictures of the oldest neighbourhood in Calgary, established in 1875.

Just adjacent to 9th Avenue is the Calgary Zoo, which is the second largest zoo in Canada.  In addition to the zoo, there is also the Inglewood Bird Santuary which opened in 1929 and to date has recorded 270 bird species.   Across the river heading west on 9th Avenue is Fort Calgary, which is open year round and offers a variety of programs for the young and old.   Inglewood, truly does have something for everyone, from trendy shops to treasures located in antique stores.  From clothing boutiques to diners, it’s a wonder place to visit.

Some local eateries….

Art studio…

Love the characters!

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  1. Tracy,
    I work for a development company that is currently publishing a story on Inglewood in the December issue of Calgary mag: “Condo Living”
    We are wondering if we could have permission to publish these photos on this specific blog post of yours in the magazine?
    We would love to expose your talent in photography while crediting you in the magazine.
    Please contact me as soon as possible”

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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