Sleeping in a bed of snow…

I have to admit it, I love the snow!  Sorry, but it’s true! Okay, so it’s not even Halloween and the weatherman is bracing us for 5 – 10 cm of snow this evening…  To tell you the truth, I would love autumn to hang around for a little bit longer, but this is Calgary, the city of snow, guaranteed 8 months of the year.  Oh, it’s not that bad, especially if you are a snow lover like me…

This evening my son and I decided to photograph the first snowfall of the season.  I was craving some evening skylines, so here they are….just a few, but all capture from a different view point.

This picture is facing downtown from Crescent Road NW, with the comminity of Sunnyside in the foreground.

This picture was taken on Samis Road NE, facing southwest into Downtown. In the forground is Centre Street Bridge, which was built in 1916 for the total cost of $375,000.

Simmons Factory Warehouse, located in East Village – still standing since 1912.

The best view to watch the nightly fireworks during the Calgary Stampede – this view is looking west to downtown.

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